The Modern Mixtape: The Evolution of the Digital Playlist at TEDxBradford

Earlier this year I presented at TEDxBradford at the National Media Museum in Bradford, UK. This event explored the impact of the Internet on our lives, and coincided with the opening of the Media Museums latest permanent exhibition, Life Online – a really fascinating exhibition that tackles the very tricky issue of curating a digital world.

My talk explored a relatively new interest of mine: the impact of the Internet and digital technologies on our relationship with music. By looking at the mixtape, mix CD, iPod revolution, and the recent popularity of streaming services such as Spotify, I showed how the internet has transformed how we share, engage with, and listen to music.

I received some great feedback from attendees and the project is now building into something that on a larger scale looks at the developmental rift between digital and material cultures. I would love to hear your thoughts on how the way we listen to music has changed, and of course any mixtape and mix CD stories you may have.

Below is the YouTube video and a copy of the Prezi presentation should you wish to look at the slides in more detail.

I’d strongly recommending watching some of the other talks from that day which included Jane Macdonald’s presnetation on the Tales of Things and Electronic Memory, Mark Graham’s exploration of information geographies and the overlaps between ICTs and economic development, Gwyneth Sutherlin’s examination of the impact of cultural bias in ICT design on identity, participation, and information access, and Anna Farmery’s engaging talk on 3D printing and the modern consumer.


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