Creative Projects

A Research Poem: (Dis)Connection

My recent research and work on the research excellence framework has prompted me to explore some of my research questions and findings creatively. By expressing ideas in new and engaging ways, I believe there is the opportunity to bring new audiences to research and with them new questions, ideas and problems.

I said a while back on Twitter that I wanted to experiment with writing creatively, something that I have never been overly confident with. Below is my first attempt: a poem that is based on some of my more recent research. I’d welcome any thoughts, comments and/or reactions.


Staring through the looking glass,
Hard, cold, flat
I feel nothing.
No texture, no roughness, no depth.
A crack – in the corner…
I touch it, carefully, so that I can feel.

Watching, looking,
I will spend my life here
Watching those that I think I know,
Following each move, each gesture.
Just watching.
I cannot join them; no,
They cannot hear me, they cannot see me,
For I am here on the other side,
Behind the glass.
Hard, cold, flat.

I turn away. I am with you.


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