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I strongly believe that research should be an inclusive, collaborative, and creative endeavour. The twenty-first century has witnessed significant changes in the research and innovation ecosystem. The recent focus, for instance, on efficiency, innovation, interdisciplinarity and internationalisation has led to significant changes in how research is undertaken, how research is valued, and how research is supported and managed.

Working as both a researcher and practitioner in the new and emerging area of research capability development, I design and develop interventions to support researchers (from PhD to Professor) to navigate the the complex and changing research landscape, to critique, develop and refine their research practices, and to determine and fulfil their research potential. These interventions can take the form of toolkits, resources, initiatives, programmes, processes, and policies, and are implemented at local, national and international levels. By bringing together practitioner insight and experimentation with arts and humanities (and also social science) research methods, my work supports researchers and institutions to develop research environments that are inclusive, responsible, and creative and that are also embedded within society, engaging stakeholders, beneficiaries, and the wider public.

Research Capability Development is a interdisciplinary and emerging field that brings together research in personal and professional development, management and leadership, research policy and practice, and studies in Higher Education (as well as, at times, sociology, cultural and critical studies, and psychology, to name a few). If you are interested in (critical) research capability development (as a core or side interest) and would like to work together on a project – or indeed if you are interested in undertaking a PhD in the area of Research Capability Development at Coventry – please do get in touch.

Research Projects

Artistic Freedom and Ethical Responsibility: Arts-Research and their Audiences

This project examines the relevance of research ethics to arts research and is a collaborative project with Professor Janis Jeffries at Goldsmiths. By examining the ethical responsibilities of an artist-researcher to their audience, the ethical dilemmas that might arise in arts research, and the context for research ethics within Higher Education Institutions, this work seeks to reframe the language of research ethics and develop an argument and case studies for considering research ethics in arts research.

Research Impact and the Early Career Researcher

Working with Julie Bayley, Emma Heywood, and Kate Walker at Coventry University, this edited collection will examine the extent to which research impact has influenced, shaped, and changed the research practice of early career researchers from a transdisciplinary and international perspective. Within the collection, I will be writing a chapter that focuses on the ethical implications of research impact.

LGBTQ Experiences of Doctoral Researchers

This project aims to explore the experiences of doctoral researchers in the UK who self-identify as LGBTQ. While experiences of LGBTQ students in UK Higher Education have been explored in recent studies, the experiences of doctoral students have not been differentiated. Given the complex and close relationship between supervisor and student and the transitional nature of the doctoral journey in terms of identity there is certainly a need to better understand the experiences of LGBTQ doctoral researchers and the challenges they may face. This study aims to highlight these to help the Higher Education sector better understand and support their doctoral students.

My Biography

I am currently a Programme Manager and Senior Lecturer in Research Capability Development at Coventry University. I am a member of the editorial board for the Journal of Research Management and Administration, a regional representative for Vitae (a UK organisation dedicated to supporting the professional development of researchers), and the external representative for Goldsmiths’s (UK) Research Ethics and Integrity Sub-Committee.  

I have a broad range of research interests that include: queer/punk academia, research impact, responsible research, digital media, and queer performance. I have published a range of peer-reviewed articles (see my publications) and have received invitations to deliver keynote papers, developmental workshops, and contribute to panel discussions at events in the UK and overseas.

Before joining Coventry University, I worked as a Researcher Development Officer at Bath Spa University (creating and delivering training workshops for researchers at all stages of their careers), a Research Officer at the University of Brighton (contributing to their 2014 REF submission in Art and Design) and as a Research and Knowledge Transfer Support Officer at the University of Bradford. I have also worked as a postgraduate admissions assistant at the University of Bradford and as an editorial assistant for the journal ‘Eighteenth-Century Music’. My PhD was awarded in 2011 from King’s College London for a thesis entitled ‘The “Dramatic” Overture and the Idea of Tragic Narrative’, which was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

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