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Vlog #2 – Start with the Why

Last week I delivered a session on conferences and networking that explored our approaches and strategies to engaging and connecting with other researchers. The session focused on two tasks. The first, discussed in the video, concerned delivering an elevator pitch. The second, which is an onging task, involves the development of a research event that is inclusive, creative, and interdisciplinary. I look forward to the task developing – more details over the coming months.

Comments on the vlog are welcome, slides are below, and I look forward to hearing your own elevator pitches!

Slides: research-communication-conferences-and-networking

Blogs, Vlogs

Vlogging, Experimentally: Developing Your Research Profile

So, I’ve had a go at doing a vlog following the developmental session I gave in December on Developing Your Research Profile. Interesting experiment and something I think I’ll continue to do over the next year, while reflecting on how I’m doing it and how to do it more performatively. Hope you find it interesting/useful/mildly entertaining.

Slides from the session can be found here: research-communication-developing-your-academic-profile-2016