Consultancy & Development Sessions

Developmental Initiatives

I have delivered development sessions for early, middle and senior researchers in the UK and overseas. I have worked with the Irish Research Council, Brunel University, Goldsmiths, King’s College London, the Orpheus Institute (Belgium), as well as with cohorts of universities in both the Western Balkans and Chile. I can provide development in terms of discrete workshops or longer cohort-based programmes. Initiatives can be adapted to suit both team and institutional needs. Programmes and workshops include:

  • Research Careers and Leadership
    • Moving forward with your Research Career
    • Introduction to Research Integrity
    • Resilience in Research
    • Responsible and Inclusive Research Environments
    • Starting Out: Research Leadership
    • Leading Your Research Field
  • Securing Research Funding
    • Situating Your Research within the Research and Innovation Context
    • Creativity, Innovation and Risk in Research
    • Effective Research Management and Project Planning
    • C21st Research Ethics
    • Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Research
  • Research Communication and Engagement
    • Developing Your Research Profile and Brand
    • Presenting Your Research
    • Convening Conferences and Effective Networking
    • Thought Leadership and Research Communication

Specialist Development and Consultancy

In addition, I can offer specialist development sessions and consultancy on:

  • Ethics in the Arts and Humanities
  • Creative Practice as Research
  • LGBTQ Research Leadership
  • Impact and Arts and Humanities Research
  • Rethinking Research Ethics Committees
  • Structures for Research Capability Development
  • Supporting Early and Middle Career Researchers

All CPD and consultancy activities are conducted through Coventry University. If you would like more information on any of the above workshops or programmes, please GET IN TOUCH.


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