Research Capability Development is an emerging area of academic study. If you are interested in (critical) research capability development (as a core or side interest) and would like to work together on a project – or indeed if you are interested in undertaking a PhD in the area of Research Capability Development at Coventry – please do GET IN TOUCH.

Live Projects

Artistic Freedom, Audiences, and Ethical Responsibility: This project examines the relevance of research ethics to arts research and is a collaborative project with Professor Janis Jeffries at Goldsmiths. By examining the ethical responsibilities of an artist-researcher to their audience, the ethical dilemmas that might arise in arts research, and the context for research ethics within Higher Education Institutions, this work seeks to reframe the language of research ethics and develop an argument and case studies for considering research ethics in arts research.

Research Impact and the Early Career Researcher: Working with Julie Bayley, Emma Heywood, and Kate Walker at Coventry University, this edited collection will examine the extent to which research impact has influenced, shaped, and changed the research practice of early career researchers from a transdisciplinary and international perspective. Within the collection, I will be writing a chapter that focuses on the ethical implications of research impact.

LGBTQ Experiences of Doctoral Researchers: This project aims to explore the experiences of doctoral researchers in the UK who self-identify as LGBTQ. While experiences of LGBTQ students in UK Higher Education have been explored in recent studies, the experiences of doctoral students have not been differentiated. Given the complex and close relationship between supervisor and student and the transitional nature of the doctoral journey in terms of identity there is certainly a need to better understand the experiences of LGBTQ doctoral researchers and the challenges they may face. This study aims to highlight these to help the Higher Education sector better understand and support their doctoral students.


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